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02-0619085, 02-0610935, 095-9346383

59/170, Baanklangmuang-Suksawat




go to link 2006 Ourgreenfish Co., Ltd. started by providing Website Development and Online Service Solution, and has started online marketing since then, such as Pay Per Click. (PPC) both in Google (Google Adwords) and Yahoo, as well as advertising systems on the classified website Sanook in those days.

In http://internationalindoor.com/images/pdf/highschool.pdf 2015 has been reformed to provide all new services. We focus on providing full range of Digital Marketing services. We have a trained team and certified by many related agencies. The program used in digital data analysis. The market that the company developed specifically. To support the most accurate marketing evaluation and it continues to evolve as technology advances over time.

source Currently, Ourgreenfish Co., Ltd. provides full digital marketing services. And provide services related to the whole site, including services about domain name and web hosting.

Most importantly, we are also Google Reseller, who can provide G Suite from Google Cloud – Google Powered Business Tools (Google Apps for Work) and Google Partner.


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